Professionals in the sale of traction batteries for electric forklifts with 24 months warranty. Padana Accumulatori offers assistance on all traction batteries for forklift trucks and transpallets. We have a wide range of new used or remanufactured 6V forklift batteries. 12V. 24V. 36V. 48V. 72V. 80V. 96V. Our forklift or forklift battery is factory priced and we also distribute newly supplied forklift battery chargers throughout Italy.

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Padana Accumulators offers traction batteries for electric forklifts, forklifts and pallet trucks.
Our forklift batteries are the only ones with a 24 month full warranty.
We sell new and used traction battery packs for forklifts and offer shipments and assistance throughout Italy.
Our traction batteries for forklift trucks according to "din" standards are ready for delivery.
Padana Accumulatori is your reference point for traction batteries for electric forklifts,
our first goal is to save the customer by looking for a tailor-made solution by offering FREE written and telephone advice.
We also always have some of the most common batteries in stock such as:
Forklift battery for Jungheinrich forklift truck
Traction battery for Om Still forklift
Linde forklift battery pack
Forklift battery for electric pallet truck

Batteria Muletto

Our range: Mulettto battery

Padana Accumulators has the entire DIN and British series offering the customer any solution for their forklift, forklift and electric pallet truck. The batteries for lead and acid traction forklifts of the PzS and PzB series are the most common on the Italian forklift market. Our forklift battery elements are assembled in our factories in Lacchiarella (MI) and Afragola (NA).

When should the forklift battery be replaced?

One traction battery for forklift, theoretically it has a life of 1600 charge and discharge cycles.  During his life, if no problems arise, will have a gradual reduction in capacity.  Usually a forklift traction battery for forklift is replaced to a residual capacity of 20%.

Padana Accumulatori will guide you in choosing the most suitable traction forklift battery for your needs, cby filling out the form in the section quotes or by contacting us by phone.  

Battery boxes for forklift:

Each electric forklift battery consists of a number of battery elements,

which, when mounted inside boxes for forklift batteries, form a pack. Padana Accumulatori has the entire range of bins for battery electric forklifts. In addition, we also have regenerated bins in such a way as to allow the customer not to stop his electric forklift while waiting for the new battery.

Forklift battery regeneration:

Our work consists in:

  • Remove the battery from the forklift.
  • Rebalancing of the electrolyte by slow charging.
  • We carry out a check up in order to define its residual capacity. 
    If the battery is suitable, we proceed with the regeneration by:
  • Total disassembly of the battery
  • Reclamation of the metal box with high pressure at 100 °, re-plasticising and repainting
  • Complete replacement of the connection cable kit
  • Acid rebalancing and possible replacement of 2V battery elements
  • Testing
  • Charged with professional multi-voltage electric pulse charger

Batteria Muletto

Before regeneration

After regeneration

How to choose the forklift battery?

Each forklift is equipped with a batteryspecification determined by the external measurement of the metal box, the voltage of the forklift truck and the measurement of a single cell or battery.

How do you remove the battery from the forklift?

To remove the battery from the forklift it is necessary to use another forklift truck positioned laterally. The battery is lifted with the aid of lifting hooks hooked to the side holes of the metal box.

Which battery charger for the forklift?

Each battery for electric forklift has different characteristics in terms of amperage and voltage, therefore it requires a compatible battery charger. There are different types of forklift battery chargers, Padana Accumulatori will guide you in repairing or replacing your current rectifier.

How to replace a single element!

To replace a single element (as long as it is bolted), disconnect the connection plug from the forklift, then unscrew the bolts on the polarity of the element to be replaced and finally remove it from the battery pack.

What are din standard caissons?

Each forklift battery is mounted inside a special metal container. Some bins (so-called din standards) have dimensions that are mounted on several forklifts. An example of these measures are: 827x519x627h mm.

Operational Rental!

Padana Accumulatori is the only company in the sector of batteries for forklifts and trolleys to offer the possibility of operational rental with right of redemption.

Water to top up the forklift battery!

Top up the forklift battery with demineralized water, or with any type of water with a value below 50µS.

Contacting Padana Accumulatori You will have!

By contacting Padana Accumulatori SRL you will be guided without any commitment to purchase in identifying the correct battery pack for your needs, giving you the opportunity to save in money but not in quality

How to guarantee the 8 hours of battery life and proper maintenance?

  • To guarantee the duration of the work shift it is essential:
  • Keep the battery clean and dry to prevent harmful corrosion e  current leakage.
  • Recharge the battery after each work shift (if used 5 hours real) 

Complete each charging cycle by letting the charger run  turn off automatically
Refilling with demineralised water after charging

Little used forklift batteries:

Batteries for forklifts that have been used little or no use must be kept indoors,
cool, dry, not dusty and protected from frost.
Carry out checks and top-ups periodically, at least monthly.
It is recommended that you never leave discharged batteries for more than 2 days
and to perform full recharges before periods of inactivity. 

Using forklift batteries on a photovoltaic system:

A forklift battery can be used for your photovoltaic system ensuring reliability and performance, storing the current produced by the solar panels.

It can be supplied assembled in fully fertilized metal boxes or in special custom-made monoblocks.

The voltage and voltage depend on the type of panel installed.

Padana Accumulatori offers 24 months warranty on these installations.

Battery charger for forklift:

Padana Accumulatori has a wide range of battery chargers for lead-acid and gel-type forklift batteries. Each traction battery requires its own forklift battery charger, this is because there are batteries of all types of Voltages and Amperages. Generally the charger must have the same Volts as the forklift battery, while for to identify the amperage, divide the battery capacity by 5. (e.g. 48V.-500Ah. - Battery charger 48V.-100A.)

Accessories for traction batteries:

Wide range of accessories useful for the regeneration of traction batteries for forklifts and forklifts electrical.

Our connection cables are completely in copper and of excellent quality. 

High quality central filling caps, made in Germany. 

Features Padana Accumulatori elements:

Our element is composed of lead and antimony grid tubular positive plates filled with lead oxide,

placed in a container with more space to ensure better circulation of the electrolyte. 

Production performed according to DIN / En 60254-2 standards

(IEC 254-2)

ISO 9001 quality systems

Forklift battery 6V - 12V - 36V - 48V - 72V - 80V - 96V price:

By importing directly, all of our electric forklift batteries are factory price.

6V monobloc battery price. starting from € 140.00 

12 V forklift battery price starting from € 250.00 

24 V forklift battery price starting from € 500.00

36 V forklift battery prices starting from € 750.00

48V electric forklift battery prices. from € 950.00

72 V electric forklift battery prices starting from € 1,400.00

battery price for 80 V electric forklift starting from € 1,550.00

battery price for 96V electric forklifts. starting from € 1,850.00

prices also for 2V traction battery elements. singles






Operation of a forklift battery

or traction forklift:

A forklift battery is an electric current accumulator, composed of 2V traction elements, generally mounted inside a metal box coated with an anti-acid and anti-corrosion material.  

The current accumulators can be lead and acid, gel or lithium and are “practically” the fuel that allows the forklift to work.

All forklift batteries are supplied with an amperage declared in C5, that is 5 hours of real discharge and work thanks to the density of the electrolyte and the voltage that is reached by connecting the 2V elements in series.

It is good practice to use the batteries avoiding deep discharges over 80% of capacity.

The battery must be topped up using demineralised water (when necessary) only after charging is complete. 

The duration is approximately 1600 charge and discharge cycles. 

Proper cleaning of the battery must be strictly maintained.

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